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Hi there,

My name's Robert Dunn, and I'm here today to show you how I MAKE MORE THAN £300,000 ANNUALLY from betting. And yet, I have never placed so much as a £1 wager on horse racing, snooker, darts, dog racing or the footie. In fact, until this, I've bet on no sports whatsoever!

And that's because there's a new way bet – one which will improve your odds, and make your stake go a lot further!

Of course, I'm talking about ESports.

If you've not already gotten involved, then you're seriously missing out. Within this exciting new niche, I've been making tens of thousands of pounds from betting, on a consistent, monthly basis! And with my expert advice, you can, too.

Imagine having £1,000 to buy the latest iPhone, £5,000 to clear your credit card debt, or £10,000 to take the trip of a lifetime. To be honest, that kind of money is mere pocket change to me now. Since I began betting professionally, I’ve bought a new car, a new house and I’ve been able to help out and spoil my family and friends.

But what’s even better than the money, is the FREEDOM that comes with this lifestyle. I place just a couple of bets each morning and after that, my time is my own. No tiring commute to an office, no boss breathing down my neck… And when you begin following my advice, you’ll have the power and the financial security to quit your job, too!

Think about it. Why would you slave away from 9 to 5, when you could be earning upwards of £20,000 PER MONTH from doing no more than placing a few quick bets each morning? You don’t even have to get out of bed to earn money. In fact, there’s not even any thinking involved, because I take care of all the strategy and calculations for you. I am a bonafide expert in the field of ESports, and each and every morning I will advise you exactly how to bet, forthe best possible returns.

“I didn’t know the first thing about ESports, but that wasn’t a problem. Each day I followed Rob’s advice, and the profits quickly began piling up in my Ladbrokes account. Each week I was cashing out thousands. I couldn’t believe it! I’ll never go back to horse racing again after this. ESports is on another level!”

"I'm almost speechless! I've been an ESports fan for years and never had any luck with the betting side of things. But since discovering Gaming Bets, my favourite hobby has become my full time income. I'm making thousands of pounds every week, all thanks to Rob's professional advice!"

"My teenage son plays League of Legends, but I never imagined myself having anything to do with it. Then I discovered Gaming Bets. Now I'm regularly make thousands of pounds betting on the matches my son watches"

"Less than a month ago I was working two jobs and barely sleeping six hours each night. Now, thanks to Gaming Bets, I'm browsing luxury holidays on my new 95" Samsung TV."

"Finally, betting is exciting again! I'd never been much of a gamer myself, but now I'm hooked on online tournaments. And the money is a fantastic bonus!"

"I can't believe I've been missing out on easy money for so long. ESports wipes the floor with conventional betting!"

Whether you’ve never placed a bet in your life, you’re a traditional punter or an ESports fanatic, Gaming Bets is the tipping service YOU NEED to make betting profitable.

Pros of ESports

Ever since I was a teenager, gaming has been my life. From the moment I got my hands on the first Nintendo and began exploring the 2D world as Super Mario, I was hooked. While my friends went out to play football, met girls at the park and drank cider, I chose to sit alone in my dark bedroom playing video games.

From there, my gaming career progressed alongside advancements in technology. I purchased the PlayStation, the Xbox, and eventually found my place as a PC gamer. In the year 2011, I discovered the MOBA game League of Legends, and almost instantly, it became my addiction. LoL consumed my every thought, and took over just about every waking moment of my day. I’d play from the moment I woke up in the morning, to the moment I went to sleep at night. And the hours in-between were fuelled by microwave meals, cans of Monster energy and continual micro hits of serotonin, from every strike to an opponent and every match won. And while from an outsider’s perspective, my life may have seemed quite lacking, I was actually working toward a highly lucrative career.

Before long, I was a professional League of Legends player. I attended international tournaments, which were watched by international audiences of millions, and the prize pools were life changing amounts of money.

For such events, my team and I would practice long and hard. We implemented strict eating, sleeping and training regimes, and we would refine our strategy as though we were a real life military operation about to invade enemy territory. And at the peak of my career, we experienced success like I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams.

But, as the oldest in my team – by nearly a decade – the day eventually came that I had no choice but to retire. I no longer had the lightening-fast reflexes required to compete. And so, I was forced to move on.

Following my final tournament, I took a much needed break. But after a few weeks of rest on a beach in Thailand, I began to get depressed. I’d lost my identity and my sense of purpose – not to mention my income! I needed something else.

That was when I turned my attention to online betting. Up until that point, I’d never placed a bet in my life. I didn’t believe in luck. But I wondered if my specialist expertise and years of professional experience could work in my favour?

And so, with very little to lose, I pulled up the betting site and placed a few bets. And by the end of the day, I was up more than £100. I could hardly believe how easy it was! But I knew the game, the players, the strategy, and so for me, the right bets to place were obvious.

Over the days that followed, I continued to place bets, seeing profits of £50, £100 and £200… But then I had a thought. What if I actually studied my former opponents? What if I analysed their every move, right down to the very last click? How much money could I make then?

And not just from League of Legends, but also from Dota2, Fortnite, Counter Strike and more. For weeks, I studied tirelessly. I made notes on every tournament, player, team, every piece of public news and every whisper on the industry grape vine. And eventually, I began placing more strategic bets, and quickly, I became more profitable than ever.

Before long, I was making five figures a month from Esports betting! I was matching the earnings of some of the pro players, but without the endless training sessions, the repetitive strain injury or the high pressure working environment. In fact, I was making money from just a few minutes spent betting each day – from the comfort of my own home!

With so much free time and more money than ever filling up my bank account, I was finally able to go out and enjoy life. Now, I live in a gorgeous five-bedroom home with my beautiful girlfriend, I was able to buy the car of my dreams, we take seemingly endless vacations and life could not be more perfect.

But YOU don’t need to know the first thing about Esports to have the same lifestyle as me! All you need to do is copy my bets to the letter, and you will see profitable bets, time and time again.

Very soon you could see profits in excess of £5,000 per week, or £20,000 per month! That’s a year’s salary, conjured in no time at all, from doing no more than tapping a few buttons on your smart phone. Money that you can use to FINALLY buy the car you want, to pay off your mortgage, or even to retire early!

You can get started today and make money from anywhere, so long as you have connection to the internet, and right away you’ll see profits far beyond anything you’ve experienced with horse racing, footie betting or any of the other real life sports. Online gaming is the future of sports betting and your future has never looked brighter.

Whether you’ve never placed a bet in your life, you’re a traditional punter or an Esports fanatic, Gaming Bets is the tipping service YOU NEED to make betting profitable.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

And because I care about your peace of mind, when you sign up to Gaming Bets today, your purchase will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. So no matter what happens, your money is safe. Which means that you can follow my expert advice for two months with absolutely zero risk.

This is the exciting shake-up you’ve been searching for. It’s time for a new niche, a new adventure and more zeros in your bank account than you’ve ever seen before. Very soon all yourworries about money will be a thing of the past. Pay your bills, wipe your debts and finally start living the free and happy life you deserve.

What You’re Getting with
Gaming Bets

Daily, expertly picked selections sent to you via email
Consistent profits
Highly lucrative wins
More enjoyment from betting
Helpful and friendly customer support, should you need it
No risk of a COVID-19 related shut down
A 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

However, I must warn you that at this early stage, I will ONLY be taking on 50 new members. And so, if you want to be in with a chance to make big money this year from betting, you will need to move quickly. There’s no way of knowing how many other eager punters are also looking at this page right at this very moment. And with annual profits up to £300,000, you can guarantee those 50 spaces will be gone in a flash!

There’s no time for hesitation.

This is by far the most lucrative opportunity you will be offered all year. Do not let it slip through your fingers. Sign up now and begin placing expertly picked Esports bets!


Robert Dunn

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